21 Guides and Lessons in the Leadership style of Jesus Christ – (Part 1)

January 3, 2020
Our Saviour Christ Jesus is the best and greatest leader who ever lived and is still alive.

In Christian leadership, He is the Way of Leadership, the Truth of Leadership and the Life of Leadership, John 14:6. In Him, all about leadership consist and exist. He did not only teach leadership, He also lived it, Acts 1:1.

He accomplished purpose and mission by His leadership values, traits and practices. He has a name that is above any other now and for all eternity because of His leadership values, traits and practices. His leadership is passed to many, still yielding results that will bring the ultimate end to the kingdom of Satan and restore the kingdom of our God. He learnt obedience, that is leadership by what He suffered and which we are enjoying now and eternally, Heb 5:8; Rom 5:19.

We hereby present the Leadership Guides and Lessons gleaned from Jesus’ life to serve as guideposts and enablers for all facets of living in order to be leaders indeed.
1. There is no other life for Jesus Christ outside of the call to be a Saviour and a leader. All of His life was channelled to make Him a leader indeed. The prophecies about Him, His birth, upbringing and early life to his 30th year were all about this leadership. All about you is and should be about being a Christian leader indeed. You cannot have a double life. Your personal, family, ministry and secular career are and must be about this leadership. Jesus said for this reason He was born, John 18:37; Luke 2:11-; and the zeal of leadership was His all, John 2:17.
2. There was a call to Leadership for Christ. It was not His but beyond and bigger than Him. Luke 4:18
3. This was His Destiny and Purpose for His being and existence. 1 John 3:8
4. He accepted it, its demands, toils and sacrifices. – Luke 17:25; Luke 24:46
5. It was the totality of His existence, dying for it was part of the fulfillment of His Leadership call. Col 1:22
6. The Christian Leader has no vision of his/her own. He submits to a God given vision and call. – Acts 9:3
7. The God given vision is not about the leader but God who gives the vision. Acts 10:3-19
8. There is an allotted time for you by God to accomplish your leadership purpose and call. You do not have all the time. Hab. 2:3
9. You do not choose nor decide your leadership helpers – the Lord does but you must be able to identify, cultivate, build, develop and accommodate them. Remember Moses’ Leadership and all that helped him.
10. There is really no pleasure of the flesh or the world to look forward to in your Christian Leadership journey.

From the foregoing, Christian Leadership is not for the faint-hearted. No man can fulfill the call, expectations and demands of Christian Leadership by his own power, strength and will. There is nothing to beat your chest about in this Christian Leadership call and demands for no power for it comes from you.

You are also not the judge whether you have done well or not.

Christian Leaders are totally and completely dependent on the Lord whose assignments they carry out. Psalm 23:1-6 depicts the absolute dependence and reliance of the Christian Leader upon the Lord.

No wonder Jesus said in John 15:5 – without me you can do nothing. Any leader that Psalm 23 is not the story of his or her life is not a Christian Leader. What manner of man or woman, what manner of leader will such a man or woman be if this is the summary of his or her life?

That is the Christian Leader, God is looking for. You can be one.


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