A decisive month

February 1, 2019

Right on a fast lane, 2019 is one month gone. Welcome to February, and welcome
to a very decisive month in Nigeria and for Nigerians all over the world. It is
Nigeria’s election month, a time to go to the polls to make a statement on who
the President of the country and the leaders at other levels shall be. Our prayer
is that God will guide us to choose according to His will.

This month also, the 5th edition of the Pastor E. A. Adeboye birthday Annual public lecture
will be holding at the J. F. Ade-Ajayi (main) Auditorium of the University of Lagos.
It is a key part in the celebration of the 77th birthday of our beloved Daddy, Pastor E. A.
Adeboye whose birthday is actually on March 2. This year the topic is: Peace: A Global
Quest, and the Speaker is, Prof. Michael Abiola Omolewa, a distinguished historian and
international scholar.

Redemption Light joins millions of Redeemites to celebrate the great grace of God in the
life of our revered Deputy General Overseer, Pastor J. H. Abiona who is 94 years old on
February 1, 2019. His life and ministry is a story of God’s kindness to a loyal and committed
vessel. We wish him renewed strength for the journey ahead.

One of our retired Assistants General Overseer, Pastor Abel Aderibigbe, and his wife are
marking their 50th wedding anniversary. What a time to appreciate God’s abiding presence
and His faithfulness in the journey of their marriage.

On our sermon page in this edition, Pastor E. A. Adeboye writes on Swimming in Glory.
It’s a powerful guide to making a success of the journey of 2019.

A Sunday School co-ordinator in RCCG, Bro Femi Adaramola recently emerged as the best
in Nigeria in his secular teaching career, and got a good reward of a brand new car. It is a
confirmation of the rewards for diligence. We feature his testimony in this edition.

In addition to all these, your Magazine features many life-enhancing, informative, and
educative materials for your enjoyment. Ade Okonrende writes on Keep Your Pursuits,
J.F. Odesola writes on Overcoming Stagnancy, while Bayo Olugbemi asks What is your
Personal Development Plan for 2019? These are just some of the offerings for you
in this edition.

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