Key Milestones & Dates

What is today known as Redemption Light Magazine kicked off in a tabloid form in 1996 with the name Redemption Times. The 8 page newspaper often reports events within the RCCG family. In subsequent years, we began to improve by changing our name from Redemption Times to Redemption Light to portray that we wanted to light up lives through the word of God in our publication. Thus our format changed.

We moved from the tabloid form to the A4 size which is typical of a magazine. We started again by using bond paper but later advanced to art paper and the introduction of colour pages to be attractive instead of our normal black and white pages. We also improved our creativity to be able to stand out amongst many other magazines either, secular or religious.

Presently, we have a lot packaged in the magazine; a powerful and detailed sermon by Pastor E. A. Adeboye is one of our main features. Pastor Ayo Adeloye handles the minister’s manner which is directly targeted at the ministers and all those who desire to be one. Pastor Antoinette Omo-Osagie leaves the parents thirsty every month as she writes on Train up a child. Finance is not left out with Pastor Bayo Olugbemi, MD, First Registrars writing on Teach us to profit. The savoury piece on the home is handled by the Adetayos and the Adewales which we use interchangeably to bring in a lot of dynamics. The youths are carried along as Bukonla puts her thought on paper through Youth Alive, Pastor Deji Afuye’s pen is always on politics with the Caleb Generation, You want to be victorious, then turn towards the end of the magazine and read Pastor Jacob Oni’s Victory Mall. Pastor Wale Adeduro will set your heart tickling as he anchors Heart Tickle.

About us

Welcome to the Redemption Light Magazine Web Portal. At Redemption Light, we publish good news of glad tidings and assist our readers in their determination to walk perfectly before God and to live by God’s word.

In alignment with the vision of our parent organization, the RCCG, we are determined to make heaven and to take as many people with us. In realizing this objective, the magazine features teachings, sermons, testimonies, inspiring and helpful news stories and information from a Christian perspective.