Adu births a set of twins at 54…carries first pregnancy at 53

January 4, 2019
Mr. and Mrs. Oladapo Adu got married on, April 10, 1999, at Ilesha, Osun State, Nigeria but Mrs. Adu never conceived until November 2017, after she visited the Open Heaven Gallery.

 God turned her story around and she was delivered of a set of twins in August 2018. BUKONLA AKIN-EGBEDEYI brings her story.

Two years after the Adus got married without a sign of pregnancy, Mrs. Folashade Adu decided to visit a doctor to know her state. She went for series of tests and visited several hospitals and gynecologists.

During one of such visits, her brother who is a gynecologist confirmed that she had fibroid which was operated on, but this did not bring any solution as she was still unable to conceive after the operation. Not ready to give up, she continued her search for a child and visited hospitals where she was asked to go for more tests and a lot of drugs were prescribed for her.

Her 56year old husband, Oladapo Adu, was certified okay medically and so Mrs. Adu continued her search for a child but she did not go for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). She however continued with all other medications but there was no sign of pregnancy in sight.

Apart from her visits to hospitals and various tests, Mrs. Adu also had some challenges in her dreams. She had a lot of bad dreams and in one of the dreams; she was actually told by someone that she would not give birth to a child. But as a child of God, she fought her way through and told her adversary that God was on her side and sang a song in Yoruba, “Olorun ti a kole da duro” meaning, the God that cannot be stopped.

She was also mocked by some people who told her to her face that doctors had already condemned her but Mrs. Adu was not someone who could be shut down as she often replied that she was not a barren woman. Some people also made jest of her in regards to her frequent visits to Redemption Camp as they often asked her what she brought back from Redemption Camp. Herself and her husband were rejected and ridiculed but God silenced their mockers.

Despite this challenge, she continued to worship God and sought His face. As a result, she was always at the Redemption Camp for various Programmes. It was during one of these programmes that God visited her and changed her name and her story.

As usual, Mrs. Adu was in Redemption Camp for the September 2017, Shiloh Hour (a programme organized primarily for those trusting God for the fruit of the womb) with one of her Pastors. After Shiloh Hour, her Pastor requested that she visits Open Heaven Gallery on Holiness Road at Redemption Camp and she obliged.

At the Open Heaven Gallery, she had the opportunity to pray in Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s prayer room, popularly called, ‘’Daddy G.O’s room.’’ This room was Pastor Adeboye’s prayer room when he first moved to Redemption Camp. She threw away caution and got lost in God’s presence as she agonized in prayers and told God she was fed up with her childless state.

She knelt down in the room and said, ‘God, it is true you are the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but I don’t see them but I believe. I can see the picture of this man (Adeboye) and I have seen him because we are from the same state, so please, prove yourself to me in this situation.’’ She touched Pastor Adeboye’s picture and laid her hands on her stomach and told God she needed her own children. She also reminded God of His promises that none shall be barren and asked God to intervene on her behalf.

Miraculously, Mrs. Adu who had never been pregnant was confirmed pregnant for the first time in November 2017. She was delivered of a set of twins (Deborah and Dorcas) in August 2018.





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