Brain tumour turns to sterile fluid after prayers

July 7, 2020
On Sunday, February 23rd, 2020, our 6-year old son, Temiloluwa Adedapo, who had been very healthy prior to this time, woke up paralyzed on the right side of his body.

He lay on his bed crying, ‘’Mummy, I don’t know what is wrong with me, I can’t remove my clothes nor stand up.’’ We quickly had a family prayer of agreement, assured him that Jesus loved him and He would heal him.

We informed a number of our pastors across the country and they started interceding for us. He was thereafter taken to the hospital. By 12 noon, the power in the right side of his body had improved and he could only stagger whenever he wanted to walk.

He was asked to run some investigations and that we present the results the next day. At home around 10:30pm, he had two episodes of convulsions, and that side of the body became weak again. This necessitated admission into the hospital that same night. On February 24th, MRI investigation revealed a brain lesion which was said to be a tumour deeply situated at the left side of his brain. He was scheduled for brain surgery on Tuesday, March 3rd. He also commenced medications.

I pleaded with the neurosurgeon to please shift the surgery by a week and he obliged. We brought him to Redemption Camp on Friday, February 28th, 2020 and we went straight to Open Heavens gallery to pray, having heard the testimony of the pregnant woman with a dead baby in her womb who after coming for prayers at the Open Heavens gallery had an encounter with God and her dead baby came back to life. Our faith was boosted and we went there to pray.

The next day, we were privileged to have Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye, pray for him. We still stayed in the camp praying for his healing since the following Friday, March 6th, was the special Holy Ghost Service. During the service, the first two words of knowledge that came were directly for him. The first was when Pastor Enoch Adeoye said, ‘’God is beginning to heal the body and He started from the head downward,’’ while the 2nd was, ‘’There is someone here with an illness in your brain God said he had settled it.’’ Pastor Adeboye also laid hands on him on the same day.

We initially thought there would be no need for surgery, however, when we repeated the MRI after the Holy Ghost service, the result showed the lesion was still there with a slight reduction in size. We went for surgery with our faith in God after we informed Pastor (Mrs.) Adeboye.

At the hospital, we were told to give consent for the brain surgery with a fore knowledge that complications may arise which included possible stroke, inability to speak or death. The surgery lasted for about three hours. However, what was found was no more a tumour but a sterile fluid in fibrous sac with no feature of cancer. Within an hour after surgery, our son woke up with no stroke, he could talk well, he did not die and he has no neurological deficit. Since then he has been doing well, hale and hearty.


Dr and Dr (Mrs.) Adedapo

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