8 top predicted IT trends for 2018.

April 26, 2018
Smartphones have clearly evolved. In this new era, a number of apps are now connected to medical health care and safety. These apps are very easy to operate and can help in a case of emergency. Here are ways your smartphone can save your life.

Information technology is one of the fastest moving careers sectors out there. Trends in IT requirements and jobs vary rapidly from year to year and with promotion and career change possibilities in a wide range of areas from computer hardware to e-commerce, it pays to keep ahead of trends in IT and an eye on the availability of information technology courses. We take a closer look at the 8 top predicted IT trends for 2018.
#1: Big Data
Big data and related data management technologies are going to continue to rise in importance throughout 2018. With its excellent ROI, measurability and speed of impact, digital marketing now surpasses traditional marketing in popularity. This means that big data is big business as any digital marketing campaign relies on huge quantities of data for reach and effectiveness. Companies are reliant on data management to gain conversions from digital connections. This means that levels of recruitment are high for this sector. A great way to start a career in big data is to take a course that focuses on database development.
#2: Containerisation
Put simply, containerisation is a type of virtualisation, which allows for the running of applications on cloud-based servers without the encumbrance of a tradition virtual machine. Containerisation allows for a lighter-weight level of IT automation in which container elements are isolated but share operating systems and other central facilities. Containerisation is attractive to new developers and will allow for team working and a speedier transition from project to project. More IT development engineers with experience in cloud and containerisation, for example with AWS Cloud and Docker will be required as we start 2018.
#3: Mobile Web Performance
Any website that isn’t optimised for mobile devices is now penalised by search engines. With more and more users expecting great online performance from their mobile devices, the race is on to improve mobile performance. Mobile web trends for 2018 will include: mobile only development, user triggered animations, natural language processing, secure pages and apps and an increasingly intelligent use of negative or white space. Web based technologies continue to be in demand and qualifications are available at all levels.
#4: The Internet of Things
After a few initial false starts, in 2018 the IoT (Internet of Things), particularly in conjunction with augmented technology, is set to enhance our homes, places of work, cars and leisure lives. This will be one of the biggest IT trends for 2018. The IoT is industry driven and is most successful when it focuses on finding solutions for specific problems. This sector, by definition, involves a focus on hardware centric software and firmware, which will suit those who enjoy developing solutions and meeting engineering needs.
#5: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
With applications as diverse as Weta Workshop’s foray into augmented reality story telling with Magic Leap and Maryland’s Vaccine Research Centre examination of virus weak spots, the world of augmented reality and virtual reality is finally getting serious. Experts suggest that whilst VR is going to remain with us, it may well take previously unpredicted forms.
#6: Enterprise Software
Enterprise software, i.e. software that has been developed to fulfil the needs of an organisation is set to reflect recent trends in consumer software such as Uber, Snapchat and Tinder. This mimicking of consumer software will lead to a reshaping of IT processes that support employees, and software engineering will expand to meet this need. The team communication tool Slack is an example of where this technology branch is heading.
#7: Virtual Assistants
It has been suggested that chatbots are the brand engagement tool of the future and the high take-up rate of virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, which is the current market leader, would not indicate otherwise. Self-help tools in the form of chatbots are going to be used by brands to improve customer experience and meet expectations through quick responses, targeted engagement and 24/7 availability.
#8: Cloud Computing
Cloud computing platforms are facilitating ever more multifaceted business solutions and their take-up by small and medium-sized businesses is increasing. IT professionals who can help businesses with their migration to the cloud are set to remain in high demand and are one of the top career trends in IT for 2018. Competencies with cloud computing development or in areas such as cloud automation will be sought after.
Trends in IT
As the trends in IT listed above suggest, the key factor in 2018 is going to be IT sustainability i.e. the process of ensuring information technology developments that meet the requirements of the current market but also safeguard the development potential of future markets. Information technology courses, whichever speciality and level you choose, will give you a boost in an advancing and exciting career sector.

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