Christ preached Christ to me—Salle, a fanatic

May 3, 2019
Below is the story of a fanatic whom Jesus appeared to and saved from eternal destruction.

I am Favour (formerly Faridah) Salle. I was born 25years ago and am married with children. I got married at the age of 12 because my father gave me out in marriage before I was born and my husband is around 70 or 80years old now.
I did not get any formal education because my people believed it is a taboo for a lady to attend English School because that is not the language we are going to speak in heaven. It is believed that we shall speak Arabic Language in heaven. I went to Arabic school and after graduation, I began to teach. I had been to Mecca three times.

I hated Christians and had this feeling that they should all die. However, one day, one Pastor John who lived in Kano State with his pregnant wife preached Jesus to me, gave me a tract and said, I would give my life to Jesus. When he gave me the tract, I asked, ‘’what is the paper for? He told me to go and read it and I said, ‘I can’t read.’ I replied him in Hausa and said, ‘’are you okay? How will you say a whole me should give my life to Christ? I pondered on how he would preach Christ to a whole me because I was a fanatic who could do anything to make heaven as we were taught!
As l left him and entered into the vehicle, I said in my mind that this Pastor will not live to see another day and I will be the last person he would preach to. I went to his house in the night with my husband and some security men and set his house on fire and I felt fulfilled as the man, his pregnant wife and children all burnt. I was happy as people congratulated me that I did the right thing. In Islam, we were taught that when you kill a Christian, you will be in the 7th heaven instead of 1st heaven and you will meet with virgin husbands who will marry you. In fact, I have killed several Christians before Pastor John because I hate them. So I don’t even feel any pity for them. You cannot preach to me and live to see another day!

I normally go to ECWA Church to buy Bibles and burn because I wanted to reduce the quantity in circulation. But one thing with the Bible is that, no matter how you burn it, some parts will remain; everything would not burn to ashes. I normally bury the remaining parts. Most of the time, when I hear that some people share Bibles in schools, I normally get upset and say, ‘’why do they want to convert everybody.’’

One day, in December 2015 or 2016 (not really sure since we observe time by the moon) I burnt Bibles and taught in the Arabic school. On my return, I lay on the bed and I was neither awake nor asleep when suddenly, a man on the Cross appeared; He had a crown of thorns on his head and the tears that came out of his eye was as thick as blood and his legs were crossed. I never saw something like that before in my life.
I shouted because I was afraid and I said, don’t worry I will call my uncle to come and remove you from the cross. All of a sudden, he left the place and stood in my front and the tears in his eyes kept dropping as thick as blood. I was scared and was shouting but I was the only that saw Him.
I cried because he had been there for about three hours and my people thought it was an evil spirit so they went to bring what we call ‘’Hiyagi.’’ When that did not work, I was given injection because they thought I was going crazy. He later left and I was able to sleep. I thought it was a ghost and maybe it was the people that I killed that were disturbing me but still I had this strong feeling that nothing would stop me from Islam.
I bought Bibles the following day and burnt them and I was happy. I went to my Arabic school again but while l slept in the night, I saw a man whose eyes was like the sun and I wanted to look into his eyes but I couldn’t because the light was too much and his hair was white like that of an old man. Someone cannot describe the glory in him. I kept looking at the height, then I became afraid.
He showed me his hand and it was then I remembered that it was the same man that I saw on the Cross. I was so happy for him because I thought that maybe somebody removed him from the bondage he was. I talked to him but he didn’t answer and people around saw no one with me but he stood there. At that stage, I felt I was not normal because nobody saw him except me. Later, he began to appear to me anytime I want to write or teach the Quran and I would begin to shout out of fear. My case was so bad that I was brought home from the Arabic school.
I was taken to various places for treatment and the big Mallams who knew me as the lady that reads the Quran were surprised, I was wrapped with Laya a protector but all did not work
One day in January, I asked him what he wanted from me and he spoke for the first time that I should write John 14:14, John 3:16, Proverbs 18:10, Isaiah 42:1-5, Jeremiah 51:20-23 and said I should give them to a Pastor. It was strange because I just imagined how I would go to a Pastor. I told him, ‘’If you want to kill me, you better do so because I will not go and see any pastor.’’ But he persisted that I should give it to a Pastor so I said he should send the Pastor to me.
I had peace after He told me what He wanted me to do. While in the hospital one day, a Pastor came to visit some patients and I gave him what I wrote and told him a ghost gave me to give him. He told me they were Bible verses but I told him it was the address of the people I killed. He now shouted ‘’Praise the Lord;; and he answered himself ‘’Hallelujah.’’ As I looked at him he said, ‘’Jesus wants to use you.’’ I said me? Jesus cannot use me because Prophet Mohammed is already using me and am already with Allah. But I thought I could deceive Jesus so I asked the pastor if I accept him will the ghost stop appearing to me and he said yes. I said okay I will accept him by my mouth
Jesus later appeared to me and said I should read a place in the Quran which we were forbidden to read in suratu maraiama because we believe anyone who reads that place would run mad. He said if I read it and it is a lie, I should continue with my religion but if it is true I should come to the right way. I read it and it said Jesus is coming to save the world. I thought I was doing the right thing that would take me to heaven all these while.
Christ himself led me to Christ and not human beings; because, it was after I read that passage that I genuinely said Lord Jesus, come into my life, I accept you as my Lord and saviour (I said it after him). I had money, I had everything but there was no peace; but immediately I gave my life to Jesus, I found peace and overwhelming joy. I didn’t say anything to my people but I told them I had resigned from the Arabic school.
After I gave my life to Him, He talks to me like His own daughter when He appears to me and before I open my mouth to say a thing, He would have said it, so I knew I was on the right side.

He told me He wanted me to go all over the world to preach the gospel that I am the queen Esther of this time. I became afraid and told Him I didn’t know how to read or write English and neither can I speak another language apart from Hausa. I asked Him how I would talk to people and they would understand me and He asked me what I wanted. I said, ‘’I want to know how to speak English; He touched my mouth and I started speaking English.
I never went to school and it is now that I started learning A, B, C. one day a guy who knew I didn’t understand English purposely asked me where I was going and I replied, ‘’am heading to the market.’’ He was surprised and I was surprised myself that I didn’t go out again because I went to stand in front of the mirror and said, ‘’This is not me.’’

After I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, I pretended to people that I wasn’t a Christian but one day He said to me, ‘’The way you deny me in this world is the way I will deny you in my father’s house.’’ It was then I decided to tell my people I was a Christian and since then, it has been one persecution or the other.
When they noticed that I was now a Christian, they drove me out of the house with my children, some people said I should be killed, my ATM card was seized because I wasn’t the one that opened my account since I was not literate. I went to stay in an uncompleted building in Taraba State because I thought my uncle whom I stayed with when they thought I was not okay would change his mind.
Ordinarily I didn’t even wash my dresses but now, I began to go to peoples’ houses to do chores to get money for me and my children to feed. Sometimes I didn’t have my bath for days and some people thought I was not okay. I went to Churches for help but everyone was afraid because I was still putting on hijab.
But one day, while thinking that ‘’is this how this pain will continue? God laid it in my heart to go to a Redeemed Church in Taraba. I met Pastor Abu and I explained everything to him. He gave me a phone to be in touch but it was that day that my family picked me. I was excited because I thought the persecution was over but there was more.
I was locked up for two weeks without food and when the food was brought, it was poisoned. I realized that my stomach and that of the children was swollen but Jesus visited us and placed His hand on us and we vomited everything and it was black as Charcoal. When they came and saw that we were alive, they said I was a witch and no longer a human being. I asked ‘’why.’’ They said nothing but overheard them discussing they poisoned me and I didn’t die so one of them said they should leave me that when I die of hunger, I would come back to my right senses.
Three days after we vomited the food, Jesus appeared to me and brought food in a golden plate. I have never seen that type of food and plate anywhere; and immediately I ate the food, I was not hungry again for the two weeks. He became my friend; He would come, talk to me and disappear.
When my people noticed that we did not die, they arranged to kill me. I was sleeping when somebody said I should run away because my people were coming from Kano to kill me. I escaped through the boot of a car. I hid myself and I phoned Pastor Abu who sent someone to pick me and made arrangement for my relocation to Abuja with Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) Yakubu who took good care of me and enrolled me for adult education.
On my way to school one day, my people came all the way from Kano and picked me without my consent. They called the Pastor and told him, ‘’we have taken our child from you.’’ But Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) Yakubu interceded for me. They shaved my hair and did all they could for me to forget about the Christian faith.
However, when they discovered I did not change, they took me to the bush, laid me down and put a knife on my neck. Immediately they did this, Jesus appeared and they became confused as Jesus looked at them without saying anything. I ran away with my Bible and they ran after me; one even hit me with his body but none of them saw me.
They sent Yasin to me but God preserved my life. Yasin means sending fire to burn someone with his/her clothes on him/her. For me, it was after I had removed the clothes that it would catch fire. But God stopped that.

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