COVID-19, a global convulsion

June 1, 2020
It was unexpected or at least not in the magnitude and the intensity it took. Corona virus infestation which first broke out in China suddenly took over the world and demobilised everyone. Like a wild-fire in a dry season, it whistled and blew across the borders ravaging everywhere and suddenly shutting down the whole world.

No one seemed to know what to do. Even the World Health Organisation was like a man suddenly woken up from a deep sleep only to discover that he had been surrounded by some enemy forces. In the midst of it all, people began to die on daily basis in their hundreds and thousands became guests in isolations and quarantine centres. Mighty nations hitherto known and described as having advanced health facilities cried out for lack of sufficient equipment and space to meet the emerging needs. The world was actually in a turmoil, a kind of convulsion.

We thank the Almighty God that though we have been passing through the valley of the shadows of death, His presence has never left us.

These are unprecedented times indeed. For the first time since the Holy Ghost Service began as a monthly congregation of worshippers in praise to God, the service could not hold in its usual format in April, May and June, 2020. We had virtual (on-line) Communion and Holy Ghost Services. Glory be to God because He still met needs in people’s lives. The General Overseer, Pastor E. A. Adeboye, through the grace of God, stood firm to minister to the people in their homes and the RCCG in all nations did not suffer a lockdown in the spiritual sense.

Your magazine, the Redemption Light was also unable to print and to serve you its usual refreshing and life-building articles.

This edition is therefore a breaker edition to unlock and release the magazine unto its role of ministering to you. every bit of the content will bless you.


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