Dead woman comes to life through anointed dress

May 15, 2018

My wife and I usually pray in our room every morning before we join the children for prayers in the living room. But on March 19th, 2018, I tapped my wife around 5a.m for us to start the prayer but she didn’t respond, so I thought she was tired due to the previous day’s activities and I left her alone and prayed on my own. But as I was praying, I didn’t hear her say, Amen, so I thought she was tired. After I was done with my prayers, I said she should let us go and pray with the children so I tried to wake her up and it was then I discovered that she had passed on; she was completely dead.


I started screaming, Jesus! Help! The children came asking what happened and I answered them that it was mummy. They went to call our neighbour and I just remembered that Pastor E. A. Adeboye told us that we should keep the dress we put on during the March Holy Ghost service very well because it carries power. I brought the Jacket out of my wardrobe but I couldn’t wear it on her because her hands were stiff so I managed to wrap the jacket round her with the help of our neighbour and we took her into the car. She came back to life on our way to the hospital and she began to ask questions such as; where she was and what happened to her.

Pastor Timothy Oluwole Owoade

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