Do You Make A Lie?

October 15, 2018
In the wonderful writings of John the beloved in the book of Revelations 22: 15, he said, ‘For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.’ Honestly! This seems to be a bit frightening because, it is as if some young people do not seem to know the consequences of fabricating a lie and loving to tell lies.

In recent times, we have devised various names for lies and categorized it. For instance, we have white, black, family, business lies; we also have small and big lies. Ironically, the Bible never categorized lies; once anyone fails to tell the truth the person has lied! Many often justify why they had to tell a lie in course of their daily transactions or relationships, but it is amazing that the Word of God never justified a lie according to the text sited above.
Making a lie is a process which starts or emanates from our thoughts. It is an act of falsehood in which we want to hide the reality and paint another picture from what actually obtains. Telling lies has now become a way of life for some people that they do not see anything wrong in what they do. But, can you go with me as we look at some of the consequences of making a lie.
A liar in every respect is a weakling. Lying depicts someone who cannot take responsibility for his/her action so; the person puts up a bold face or fain ignorance, by simply making up a lie. The only thing about such people is that they do not last long, you know what? You can only deceive the people around you for a while because; the lying tongue is for a moment!
Anyone who makes a lie does not have a strong character; as a result, such a person is not dependable. Of what use is a young person who is unreliable, it simply means nothing concrete can be committed into the hands of such a person. If you are not reliable as a youth, what will happen when you grow up and more responsibilities are expected to be committed into your hands?
Those who make a lie lack integrity. It is disheartening when you meet with young people who are good at fabricating lies. They are so entrenched in this vice that they could bring about confusion in a place through their deceptive behaviour. The pain in this is that the deceptive person may end up bringing hostility into a good relationship.
Telling lies does not show that one is smart, it simply depicts weakness. In 1 John 2: 14 the Bible says, ‘… I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one.’ Strong people don’t tell lies, they own up even in the midst of opposition and go ahead to accept the blame when they are wrong.
Making up lies sometimes help to throw some confusion in the air. It brings loggerheads between two people and a lot of disunity amongst several people. It does not depict love rather, it helps to breed hostility. When you love a lie it shows that you cannot defend your actions and you want to be what you are not supposed to be.
Speaking the truth at all times depicts nobility and many people want to associate with a noble person because of the results they will get from such relationship. In Proverbs 19:22 Solomon says, “What matters most is loyalty. It’s better to be poor than to be a liar.” (CEV). If I may ask, are you loyal in that transaction that you have embarked on? Can people recommend you based on your truthful life?
God frowns at liars and so promised to make sure that they have no part in his kingdom and while on earth, they are simply not honourable either. Kindly be a dignified person by telling the truth and stop making up a lie.

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