January 4, 2019
Many people have tried to explain the mystery in the number, 9. While some say it is the number of the trinity in 3 places, signifying a season of some uncommon manifestation of God in the fullness of all His being,
Others see it a season of the revelation of deeply hidden things just as the baby hidden in the womb is brought out at the ninth month.
Whichever way one looks it, the signal from the Congress 2018 is that 2019 will be a year of God’s Glory…a time when events and occurrences in and around the lives of God’s people will be so amazing that the whole world will know that it is God at work.
Welcome to 2019, and welcome to the first month.
January is the month that sets the tone for the year and as we plan and prepare, we have assurances from the Lord that we are going to shine. Welcome to the time to fast and pray, the time to project and package, as well as the time to take steps. The Lord shall prosper His people this year in Jesus name.
The prophecies for 2019 came in coded scriptural verses. This is an unusual development but surely the times we are in call for some unusual things. We however have this confidence that all will be well in Jesus name.
The 21st Holy Ghost Congress which took place in December 2018 was really a display of God’s glory with so much healings, salvation and diverse miracles recorded and the word of God so powerfully preached. In this edition of your magazine, we report some of the great moments of the 6-day meeting.
We feature the testimonies of two families which God paid some uncommon visitation. Mrs Bose Joda gave birth to a baby boy at age 60 after 34 years of marriage, and Mrs Folashade Adu at the age of 54, delivered a set of twins, Deborah and Dorcas. We serve a God with whom nothing is impossible!
In addition to these, your regular life enhancing articles are presented with some freshness that prepare you for the journey of the new year.
We wish you a 2019 that is filled with wonders, favor and diverse blessings.

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