January 4, 2019
In his short exhortation at the cross-over service held at the Redemption Camp on Monday December 31, Pastor E. A. Adeboye spoke on THANKSGIVING using Luke 2:13-14 as his key text.

Most of the time when we are doing thanksgiving, we focus our attention on ourselves. We are told from the scriptures that we should focus our thanksgiving to God


  1. We want to say thank you to God the Father

Because He is the Giver of life

He gives everlasting life

He is the Giver of wisdom

He gives us all things richly to enjoy

He loads us daily with benefits and blessings

God’s blessings of the Father overflows

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father


  1. We must say thank you to God the Son

God the Son is the Greatest friend

The friendship of God the Son is forever

The friendship remains the same for ever

God the Son will never forsake you

The friendship of God the Son is as close as a shadow and it doesn’t die

We should thank God the Son because He has given us His name which works wonders

We want to thank God the Son for His blood that brought salvation

Because He is the Hope of glory


  1. We must say thank you to God the Holy Spirit

We should thank God the Holy Spirit for He is our Comforter

We should thank God the Holy Spirit for His power



What will happen when you thank God?

  1. When you thank God the Father, He will bless you so much that the whole world will envy you
  2. When you thank God the Son, your promotion will be accelerated
  3. When you thank God the Holy Spirit, you will receive more of His power and you will begin to prophesy



  1. This year you must focus more on God and not yourself
  2. Please do not miss the Holy Ghost Service for anything because by the time 2019 is over, you will not be running away from demon. You will be      calling them to come out
  3. This year, you are going to shine




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