GLAUCOMA: What you need to know

June 5, 2019
Studies reveal that your best defense against glaucoma is regular eye screenings.

Just as the body has its way of reacting to increased blood pressure, either by, frequent headache, destruction of blood vessels and stroke. Also, does the eye react to excessive pressure build up in the eye. This increased pressure in the eye destroys the nerve fiber (nerve fibers are connections of cells that carries visual information to the brain) at the back of the eye and this in turn tell on the vision of the individual (as seen in the picture attached). One shocking fact about glaucoma is that it is asymptomatic. Therefore individuals suffering from this debilitating eye condition get to find out later in life when much damage would have been done to their vision.
It is noteworthy, that damages caused by this condition cannot be repaired. Although, I believe and have heard cases of glaucoma patients healed by God. It is important to note that; proper adherence to drugs prescription is needed in the management of glaucoma so as to prevent further damages to Vision.

Increased intraocular pressure is a major risk factor of glaucoma. However, heredity is a common factor that predisposes one to the condition as trend of glaucoma had been noticed in certain families. Another factor is age; studies have shown that eye pressure increases after the age of 40 years, possibly due to reduced drainage of aqueous humor. Furthermore, Blood pressure as such does not have long-term effect on eye pressure. However, prevalence of glaucoma is marginally more in hypertensives than the normotensives.

The pressure of the eye is popularly determined using a process called tonometry. A tonometer determines the pressure inside the eye in millimeters of Mercury (mmHg). Pressure outside 6-21 mmHg range is taken to be abnormal. From the picture attached, it can be seen that glaucoma causes a reduction in the peripheral field of vision at the early stages. This confirms why individual with the disease won’t get to know until later stages. And the advanced stage is characterized by a typical tunnel vision; whereby the individual can only see through the central visual field.

Studies reveal that your best defense against glaucoma is regular eye screenings. Being proactive about preventing glaucoma should also include regular exercise—a study found that the most active people have a 73% lower risk of glaucoma compared to those least active. These self-care steps can help you prevent glaucoma;
1. Get regular dilated eye examinations
2. Know your family’s eye health history
3. Comply with prescribed eye drops 4. Have regular, moderate exercise
5. Wear eye protection.

By Sunkanmi Arogbokun.

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