Greece….the land of myth, awe and wonder

October 18, 2018
Brief History- Greece, which is often referred to as the cradle of western civilization is a country located in south-eastern Europe and it is made up of thousands of islands across the Aegean and Ionian seas.

The Greek capital, as well as the largest city in the country is Athens, the currency spent there is Euro, while the official spoken language is Greek.

For those familiar with Greek mythology, you would have heard of the titans, who were said to be the Greek gods who ruled the world before the Olympians and they were 12 in number. It goes further to say that they were the children of Uranus (heaven) and Gê (earth)…and were eventually defeated by the Olympians.

Did you know that the Olympic Games originated in Greece? The first written record of the ancient Olympics dates as far back as 776 BC. The games were held every four years in a valley called Olympia, by a city called Elis and the games where held in honour of Zeus (king of the gods).

Destination spot-

Greece has all the settings and trappings of a great destination magnet, as it is made up of breadth taking Islands, who are accompanied by beautiful beaches, such as Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes.  It is also blessed with fantastic weather (May – September).


The Greek cuisine is such that once you’re hooked…you’re hooked. It is Mediterranean cuisine, which features vegetables, olive oil, grain, fish, wine and meat. It is said that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. 

Travel Requirements-

A visa is required by a Nigerian passport holder to visit Greece and because it is a Schengen state, a valid Schengen visa will grant a Nigerian passport holder entry into the country.


The mythical and ancient islands of Greece await you!

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