Hunger for what?

July 8, 2020
Most of the time, when the word, “hunger” is mentioned; the first thing that comes to our mind is the desire for food or the need to eat! There is nothing wrong with that; however, there is more to life than food. So, the hunger we want to examine here is a strong desire or ambition for something great but certainly not food.

Recently, I was astounded when I saw a guy walking and reading a book along a street devoid of much vehicular activity. I was astonished because the hunger for books and reading generally is gradually becoming a rarity in our clime. There is so much distraction and insatiable love for; phones, cars, Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp etc. that reading good books is gradually getting out of the scene. Kindly note that I am not against the use of internet or social media in any way but I am mindful of abuse!

Again, I was stunned the day I watched a family programme on YouTube and I saw that one of the ways a family marked the 13th birthday of their son was a visit to the bookshop! The boy and his mother went to a bookshop and he got some books. His mother did not force this on him; it was part of the family tradition and he looked forward to it and from my observation, the family loved reading.

I marvel when I think of the type of hunger some young people exhibit. Some of us are so engrossed in football matches that we refuse to eat when our team lost a game. As if that is not bad enough, we also lose appetite for spiritual things when our team lost any match. Some of us know the history of several players off hand because we have studied and spoken so much about them but when we ask us about the book of Habakkuk in the Bible we sometimes become confused.

As a young person, what do you hunger for? Some of us pick up unwarranted quarrels with our parents/guardians because we believe they should have enough money to spend on our frivolities but we do not care about where they work or how they get the money. As far as we are concerned, it is all about us. Whenever demands placed by some young people are not met, they roll out the riot act.

What exactly is the hunger in us? The way some of us talk about the latest phone, laptop, iPad and cars usually amuse me. We hunger for material possessions without a corresponding doggedness for hard work. We have erased diligence from our mental dictionary and our cravings mostly is for the latest phone in 2020 like iPhone 12, iPhone SE, Galaxy Fold 2 etc. which some of us do not even know its functions but we are just hungry for status symbol.

Let us hunger for God and service to humanity. I pity anyone who wants to live a life that is not solely dependent on God; the sorrow and calamity of such person will multiply in abundance. We need to touch another individual positively; an impactful life is a blessed life.

Let us hunger for knowledge and apply such. Some people invented the iPhones some of us want to get by all means; but the question is what are we contributing to our family, community and nation? We want to ride the best cars; oh! There is nothing wrong with that but are we ready for hard work? How creative are we with our gifting?

It is good to be ambitious but it must be towards a right intention. We must hunger for creative ideas which can turn our world around for good and avoid the inordinate ambition to be rich because we want to flaunt it. What are you hungry for?




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