I memorized Hebrews Chapters 1-7 in 3 weeks–Adeniyi

May 3, 2019
“After I recited Psalm 103, God gave me more wisdom and I was able to recite John 17, Romans 8, Psalm 119 and the whole of Hebrews.

Worshipers were astonished at the April 2019 Holy Ghost Service of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, tagged “Swimming in Glory 4 (Born to Shine)” as nine-year old Samuel OgoOluwa Adeniyi, recited the book of Hebrews chapters 1-7 after his debut recitation of the longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119 in 2018 at the 3 by 3 auditorium of the RCCG at Agufoye Village.
Samuel, a pupil of Success Hill Model Academy, Zuba, Abuja, owned by his parents, made his first recitation at the age of seven years with Psalm 103, a psalm of thanksgiving at his local church, The RCCG, Everlasting Covenant Zone, Gwarinpa, Abuja.
In 2010 when Samuel was almost two years, he fell ill and his parents thought they would lose him. They spent the Christmas of that year at the General Hospital, Ikeja. But on December 31st of that year, his dad decided to take him for the Holy Communion service at their parish disregarding the doctors’ advice. That day marked the end of Samuel’s visit to the hospital as he has not visited any hospital as against the doctors’ diagnoses. “When I was seven years old, my dad told me to thank God for what He did in my life and I was given Psalm 103 to memorise which took me five days to learn” says Samuel.

In August 2017, Samuel’s dad came to the RCCG auditorium in Agufoye and told God he wanted his son to recite the Bible on the altar and gave an offering. During his paternal grandmother’s visit in November 2017, she expressed her wish for Samuel to read Psalm 119 because she heard a teenager from another ministry did same. His dad asked her to pray for him and the preparation, which took Samuel three weeks, commenced.

This preparation never prevented Samuel from doing house chores or his home work. “When you give Sammy a target with a promise to compensate him, he would be challenged and do it. We saw this unusual grace in his life as he recites Bible passages with ease” said his mum.

“After I recited Psalm 103, God gave me more wisdom and I was able to recite John 17, Romans 8, Psalm 119 and the whole of Hebrews. I was excited when I recited Psalm 119 because it was very easy for me and some of the verses look similar” recalled Samuel.
Samuel had to learn fifteen verses daily and if at the end of the day he was unable to memorise all, the remaining verses are added to the next fifteen verses. “The first day Samuel recited Psalm 119, his dad took him to the school to avoid disturbance. His dad returned home in tears; he said ‘’there is an exceptional grace upon Samuel” said Samuel’s mum.

His ministration at the Redemption Camp came as an answer to his dad’s prayer though it didn’t come without obstacles. “I was excited knowing I was reading to millions of people around the world” said Samuel. Samuel has received two scholarships to study in any Secondary School of his choice.

“We always put Samuel on his toes after we noticed how the grace of God increased upon his life after his first recitation. I remember exclaiming when his dad said he would memorise the book of Hebrews. After memorising to chapter seven and his dad asked him to start chapter eight, I heard Sammy complain that it was too long but his dad encouraged him” says his mum.

Samuel acknowledged that God’s grace is on him. At times he would think he could do only a chapter per day but at the end of the day, he would have done beyond expectation. Sammy loves to watch the television and would sometime cry when his dad wants to teach him mathematics. “I feel encouraged whenever my dad asks me to read but sometimes I feel cheated that I am not allowed to play” says Samuel.

Samuel wants to be a Mathematician or academic consultant. Giving a word of advice, Samuel encouraged children to put more efforts in the study of God’s Word.

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