Investing and Saving for the Rainy Day (1)

June 5, 2019
The difference between the rich and the poor is how they treat money.

Introduction:  It is one thing for God to bless you with financial wealth; it is another thing for you to manage your finances properly thereby multiplying it. True wealth is not made in one day. It is generated with incremental steps, from little savings here and there with identifying and leveraging upon investment opportunities that prevail around us.

In Matt.25:14-30, the travelling master placed varying amounts of money in the custody of his three servants and upon returning, two of them had increased their monies except one! The first servant had invested the five bags given to him and generated another five, the second servant, had also made a return of two extra bags of silver on the two bags placed under his care while the third servant simply hid the one bag of silver kept in his care without generating any interest. You can imagine how furious the master was with this servant that he ordered for the bag to be collected from him, leaving him with nothing unlike his other two colleagues! Majority of us are like the third servant, we simply do not know how to manage money when we have it and so when the money gets exhausted we simply blame others for our unfortunate financial status, the harsh economic environment or our people back in the village.

Do you know that the master knew which of the servants would multiply whatever was given to him before actually placing the monies in their custody? He must have tested them in little things before travelling out of state. Luke 16:10 says, ‘’He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much.” This is the same way that God deals with His children, if you are faithful with an amount as little as N5,000, it means you will be faithful with N20,000.

Most of us don’t manage money with an eye for the rainy day. We just spend it as it comes; on frivolities like showing off with the latest clothes, pairs of shoes, cars etc. Some of us even get neck deep in debt just because we want to ‘keep up.’ We send our children to schools that we can’t afford; borrow money in the process and pile up our debts. I know people who pay rent in houses that are way above their income. All of these with little or no disposable income at the end of the month.

Saving and investing for the rainy day means that we have enough money to meet any unforeseen expenses. It means that we have enough money saved up for retirement to help us fund the type of lifestyle that we have projected for ourselves. The fact that you earn a little does not preclude you from saving. Live within your means!

Inflow of Money is Cyclical
Some of us spend money with the mind-set that money will continue to flow forever but it is not always like that. There are times of plenty and also times of great shortage. If the Egyptians had not saved during the seven plentiful years and stored up as much grain as possible, the land of Egypt would have perished during the times of famine (Gen.41:1-57). If Nigeria had generated enough savings during the years of high oil prices and not mismanaged our revenues, we would not be badly affected by the economic recession of 2016.

There are some industries that witnessed a financial boom in times past but do not anymore because of a host of factors ranging from changes in government policies, increased competition and maturity of those industries. As a result, businesses and individuals who did not make provision for a possible downward spiral in their future finances will be the first to close shop or be adversely affected by any economic upheaval. We must therefore always have these factors in mind when managing money which informs the popular saying and the central thrust of this article “Save for the rainy day”!!

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