It’s My Bed—Really!

February 1, 2019
Not too long ago, a young lady was corrected by her mother on the need to always have her bed laid and her room in order. To show displeasure to the correction, she protested as she said, but it’s my bed.

Immediately she said that, her mother told her it was beyond her bed. How? She was told that being untidy goes beyond, it’s my bed rather; it has to do with personality because being cluttered shows an individual is lazy, dirty, carefree etc.
Sometimes, some of us are quick to say, it’s my life which could also mean; I can live anyhow I want. Well, it is really not your life and you cannot live it the way you want because if you do, you will get what you did not bargain for. For example, anyone who feeds on junks and refuses to take good care of his/her body will have some health issues to battle with in the future while an individual who does what he/she pleases with his/her body will answer for it. For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. 1 Corinthians 6:20.

Some of us lay claim to the fact that, ‘’it is my bed’’ ‘’it is my room’’ ‘’it is my body’’ because we are indolent. When we leave what should be done undone simply because we are lazy, we find a way to explain it out by declaring that, it is my room without taking others in the house into consideration. Even God declares that our camp should be clean because He is in our midst. We need to always keep our environment clean and it starts with our personal effects.

Our personality is our character or behaviour. Never conclude that, it is your room and so it can be unkempt with a used spoon on the dressing table, a used plate under the bed, empty bottle of soft drink on the bed and a snack wrapper dancing around in your room. Coupled with these are clothes that should be aired or washed all rumpled in the wardrobe because it is your room. Honestly, this simply depicts lethargy.
The Yorubas say, the peace of a tree is the peace of a bird. Which means it is only the tree that is well positioned that a bird can perch on. An untidy room will attract rodents, cockroaches and bring out a foul odour which will make everyone in the house uncomfortable so, it is beyond an individual issue.
Honestly, your appearance, your room, the state of your car etc goes a long way to show who you are. Some cars are filled with so much dirt that one wonders if it is a dump site. Well it shows you are lazy. Always remember that you will be addressed the way you are dressed and the way your room, house, corner etc appear shows whether you are dirty or neat.
We all need to deal with indolence if we are going to soar in life. Enough of giving excuses get into action because when you are lazy it affects everything about you! Are you sure that untidy room is just about your room or your lazy character

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