March 1, 2019
Two strangers read the epitaph of Jesus to Him as a man who was exceptional and important to God and mankind. Leadership means growing your capacity to have an exceptional relationship with God and give exceptional value to mankind.

“…a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people:” Luke 24:19

Jesus had a hectic schedule during His earthly ministry, Acts 10:38. The only day Jesus spent in Gadara was typical. He delivered the man with unclean spirit in Mark 5:1-19; He raised the daughter of a ruler of the synagogue, Mark 5:21-23 and Mark 5:35-37 and He made the woman with the issue of blood whole in Mark 5:25-34.

1. Jesus was intentional about where He went and what He did. Mark 1:32-34 records that, in one evening, Jesus “healed many” out of “all” the ill people brought to Him. Jesus was the most qualified to do all things since He is the one who strengthens humanity and empowers believers to “do all things” (Phil 4:13). Yet, He did not do all the things requested of Him.
2. Jesus was deliberate about the choice of those who were with Him at every given time. When He went to the house of the ruler of the synagogue in Mark 5:37 Jesus deliberately chose Peter, James and John. Choose your associates wisely.
3. Jesus was primarily focused and driven by the need to preach and win souls for God’s kingdom. According to Mark 1:35-38 when everyone was looking for Jesus, He chose to “go somewhere else to the towns nearby… for that is what I came for.”
4. Jesus never felt guilty when He acted based on His priority. If you know how to focus on your priority, you will never feel guilty when you say NO to people who place demands on you outside your priority. In Matthew 12:15-16 when Jesus “healed them all” He commanded them authoritatively not to attract more people to Him.
5. Jesus was intentional in choosing His tasks. In Matthew 17: 25-27 when it was time to pay tribute, Jesus directed Peter, a fisherman, to go and take money out of the mouth of a fish. Jesus refused to do what any other person could do. A productivity leader knows the assignments to delegate and when to “rebuke the wind” (Mark 4:13).

The primary assignment of a leader is simply to produce other leaders through closeness with God. This is the “One Thing” every productivity inclined leader should focus on. When you give priority to your relationship with God the Father you will be able to get all your other priorities right.

Productivity is ultimately about the quality of what you multiply. Jesus emphasized the essence of productivity in the parable of the Householder in Matt 20:1-16 when those who came last got the same reward with those who came early. According to 1 Corinthians 3:13, what matters most when we stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ will be the quality of our results which shall be tested by fire.

If you truly desire to achieve leadership productivity you must focus on, “one thing.” In the Bible David prayed: “One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek . . .” (Psalm 27:4). Solomon asked for only an “understanding heart” when God visited him (1 Kings 3:9). In the early Church the Apostles declared their priorities (Acts 6:4). Paul was resolute about “This one thing I do . . .” (Philippians 3:13).

To lead productivity, you must identify your vision and make the pursuit of the vision a priority at all times. A single minded commitment to the achievement of your primary objective(s) empowers you to take decisions that will ultimately make you to be influential. Free yourself!

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