April 3, 2019
Integrity is that particular quality of character trait that occurs when a person stays true to his/her commitments.

What is integrity?
Integrity is the belief, character, honesty, sincerity, singleness of purpose and conduct in harmony with God. Integrity is saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Although Jesus did not use the word integrity, He called for:
a. A pure heart. Matt. 5:8.
b. Singleness of purpose. Matt. 6:22 and,
c. Purity of motive.

“Integrity is that particular quality of character trait that occurs when a person stays true to his/her commitments. This means that a person—and in some cases an entire organization—has a point of view about what matters. They declare something of value and they stick to that endorsement. They do what they say. They stand for something, even if, and especially if, they stand to lose something in the process.” Karl Moore and Chatham Sull.

God Hates Dishonesty (Lack of Integrity)
God frowns at dishonesty in financial stewardship as evidenced in 1 Samuel 2:12-17, 1Samuel 3:11-14 where Eli’s sons were referred to as scoundrels which led to the destruction of Eli’s family and the removal of spiritual leadership from the house of Eli because, the offerings meant for God were converted to personal use by Eli’s sons.

Integrity also means faithfulness in Financial matters (1 Cor. 4:2). It is expected that every steward be faithful. Church leaders must be freely assigned to purchase items on behalf of the church or to supervise or handle church projects without using same as an avenue to enrich themselves (2 Kings 12:14, 14-15, 1 Chro. 9:22). Unfortunately, this is not the case today in Christendom.

Examples of the Display of Great Integrity.
. Moses- Num. 16:15. He was able to convince God to disregard the offerings of the rebels because his hands were clean.
. Samuel- 1Sam. 12:15. A leader that would never take bribe.
. Daniel- Daniel 1:8. A man that was able to control his appetite.

Cost of Integrity

. Amos 5:10; Isaiah 59:14-15. We may develop enemies who hate us for always wanting to do right, and for exposing what is wrong.
. This may lead to insults, ridicule or even unjust punishment because of our integrity. The earthly cost of integrity can however not be compared with its eternal reward. Successful biblical personalities were people with proven credibility.

Benefits of integrity:
. They will not be in want of good things. Ps. 84:11.
. They shall have cause to give thanks. Ps. 140:13.
. They will be secured. Prov. 11:3- the godly are directed by their integrity.
. They and their future generations are blessed of God. Prov. 20:7.

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