Mighty God

June 29, 2018
What a mighty God we serve. Can you imagine the speed with which God has brought us to the fourth month of 2016? We thank Him for His love, care and blessings.

The March Special Holy Ghost Service was simply awesome. The multitude that turned up, the powerful ministrations, the miraculous moves God made in people’s lives and the excellent weather made that celebration of the 30 years of the Holy Ghost Service, a memorable event.


The new Arena, the 3km x 3km auditorium hosted the Special Holy Ghost Service for the first time. It was a great test of the readiness of the Arena. The human and vehicular traffic was heavy, traffic control was really hectic, and many people experienced a great test on their proficiency in driving as well as their ability to endure.


We have reports on that event and the great harvest of blessings from it.


This month, the Anointing Service anchored by Pastor J. T. Kalejaiye is 20 years. In looking at the story of the Service, reflecting on God’s faithfulness, Pastor J. T. Kalejaiye sent a word to those who may have been suggesting his exit from the RCCG. He said “It is better to be at the back of a lion than to be in the front of a cow.” You don’t want to miss the full interview in this edition.


April is another special month. It is the time to minister to and amount children especially. The theme for this month is “Little Lights.” On his sermon page in this edition, the General Overseer, Pastor Adeboye writes on “Born to be Great.” This sermon is meant for everyone who knows and believes that there is greatness ahead of him/her.


In addition, every page of this edition is loaded with materials that bless lives, give direction and nourish souls. It is your package, specially put together for you.



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