July 17, 2018
This day, a pivotal icon in my life clocks 70, glory to God.  To most people, Pastor (Mrs.) Foluke Adeboye is a spiritual leader, a mentor, or a known public figure, as the case may be.

For me, she is all those and much more, I have the uncommon privilege of having her as my biological sister and my only mother since our parents passed on to glory several years ago.


Mummy Folu Adeboye is the matriarch of the Adeyokunnu, Oshundahunsi, Fowowe, Olukanni families. The call to provide filial, moral, and spiritual leadership came upon her shoulders after the home going of Baba and Mama Adeyokunnu. Her leadership over the affairs of our household at that time immediately subside the sour and flavored our soul. By the grace of God, she is largely instrumental to our coming to know the Lord as our personal Saviour.


With largeness of heart and dogged determination, you stepped on the scale, charting a glorious course for us to follow after the early demise of our parents. I am overwhelmed with emotions and thanksgiving as I sat down and pondered over what I would write to you on this auspicious day. All of a sudden, I found myself in a nostalgic trance recounting some youthful memories and the strategic roles the Lord has used you to play in the architecture of my story as an individual and as member of the larger Adeyokunnu clan. You have been there for all of us through thick and thin, thank God for your communal spirit.  We thank God for the vessel of humility and compassion that you have been! One amazing quality which I am in awe of is your magnanimity to give and not to think or talk about it later and you have the grace of having no air around you; you are authoritative but not authoritarian! You command our love and admiration because of your palpable desire to see us rise to our maximum usefulness in life. Such avidity is what you have carried into the labour of the gospel – to see souls saved by all means and to see Christ magnified at all cost.


I have had the privilege of watching your family life and how you live out your faith in domestic undertakings; I dare say that Daddy Adeboye and you constitute the ideal Christian couple that I have known. Like Deborah of the scriptures, your lifestyle in private and in public sets an extraordinary example for female ministers globally to emulate. You never allow your spiritual calling as a ministry gift [a prophetess] to get in the way of your marital responsibilities as a wife and a mother; you are indeed the portrait of a kingdom woman. You are not just a successful minister; you are also a woman of great character and inspiring faith who has modeled diligence, perseverance, and generosity.


In fact, you are a paragon of Christian virtues, an epitome of love and humility. You are sagacious. The younger generation have a lot to learn from you. You are a woman of high morals and discipline, your selflessness in Christian service and excellent spirit are star qualities that put you in the class of servant-leaders.


What is Virtue? 

Virtue has been defined by philosophers as conformity of life and conduct with the principles of morality. Thus, from moralistic and ethicist viewpoint, virtues are the practical demonstration of attitudes and habits in consonance with conventional principles of acceptable human conduct and behaviour. It refers to moral excellence. Virtues are the inner compass that administer a worthy life journey. As internalized metrics, virtues are character traits that provide inner sanctions on our particular motives, intentions and outward conduct. In ancient thoughts of the Stoics, wisdom, courage, temperance and justice are the four cardinal virtues that every noble person must exude. Thus, Plato and his protégées conceive of wisdom as the virtue that allows an individual to apply knowledge accurately in matters of life, courage in like manner is the ability to make the right choices and rule over one’s anger, temperance makes one to have a right perspective to the pleasures and pains of life while justice is the virtue to do what is right and fair.  All these has God blessed you with.


Mummy, you have been such a great example far more than you can imagine. I owe you many thanks for mentoring me from my childhood. You have pushed me to do great things in life with the assurances of your prayers. You have opened the gates to so many doors for me. Patience, grace, kindness and wisdom describe you as the matriarch of the Adeyokunnu family. Thank you for serving me and our entire household so well. Your listening ear is amazing and your compassionate heart is uncommon.


For me, 70 is simply another chapter in your colourful and Christ-centered life. It is another page to be filled with new spiritual records, more souls for the kingdom, renewed vigor and strength as you support Daddy Adeboye in global evangelization, a new dimension of apostolic signs and wonders and a new order of flourishing over your entire family. You will bear great eternal fruits in your old age. Happy birthday.

By Pastor Bayo Adeyokunnu


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