Olusola regains freedom from kidnappers after 4 days

April 5, 2019

I give all glory to God of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and for the anointing of God upon our father in the Lord, Pastor E. A. Adeboye. On December 2nd, 2018, I was coming from my parish with my wife and children to check on other parishes and prepare their minds for the Let’s Go-A-Fishing. However, I was blocked by seven notorious kidnappers at the back of Port Harcourt Airport. My wife and I spoke in tongues the moment we sighted them blocking the road and the children cried.


They asked my wife and children to get down from the car and they began to shoot sporadically into the air and two of the gang members drove off with my car. I was blind-folded and taken away to an unknown destination. When I got there, they collected my ATM cards and pin, phone, belt and wrist watch. My wife called my friend who came to pick them up to the house.


After about one hour, they came back and were sighted from afar, the rest of the team who were with me started shouting “double exhurt, ikwere 1, Ada judge 1, one and only school boy. Anyone who stands on your way will swim in the pool of blood.”


The gang leader (school boy) came towards me and started shooting and told them to keep quiet. He asked for my name and I told him. He said I wasted so many lives and he won’t spare mine. He said he was called from the Church that I was coming and someone from the Church told him to kill me.


He dropped his gun and used a cutlass to touch my head that it was from my head he would collect his portion from RCCG. He asked for Pastor E. A. Adeboye (daddy G.O’s) number and I told him I don’t have it. He then checked my phone but didn’t see it. He asked me to give him my regional Pastor’s number (he mentioned his name) but I said ‘’I don’t have it.’’ He asked why and I said, ‘’I am nobody in RCCG but an ordinary Pastor in Charge of Area.’’ He then said I don’t want to cooperate with him and began to use the cutlass to hit my neck.


He said he had more than 21human heads in his house which he enjoys drinking from. Within me, I said, “my head is not for sacrifice.” He mentioned the name of my Pastor in Charge of Province and asked for his number. I also said ‘’I don’t have it.’’ He then said he would collect N10Million from the RCCG before my release. I told him I am a full time Pastor and I have never seen that kind of money before.


He put the gun on my forehead and said, ‘’N5Million. Deal?” I said, ‘’a deal.’’ He collected my wife’s number and told her that if she loves me and wants me to come back alive, she should look for N5Million and bring it by 4:30pm on Wednesday; that if the money was not brought by that time, he would cut off my head and use it to drink water which was even better because as his doing that, my destiny would become his own and my anointing will flow into his life. I said within myself: My blood is not for sacrifice.


Later that day, he told the five boys that he was going to check other people in the other camp to make sure they are doing well. As he and one of them were leaving, I suddenly remembered I was wearing one of the anointed clothes from Pastor E. A. Adeboye, I said within myself “By the oil of God upon daddy G.O and the angel of God in charge of RCCG, as you are going, you will not come back” and he left.


While we were expecting his return in the forest on Wednesday, after praying the same prayer demanding my release from their camp by the anointing and angel of God in the life of our daddy, around 8:30 am, his wife called that she was having a feeling that her husband was dead but the boys did not believe until it was announced on the news that they saw his head that was cut off by members of the F-SARS.


We were told that he (school boy) and “gunboat” saw a group of Nigeria Army and he opened fire on them and some of them ran having recognized him. The rest of the army stood their ground and for the first time, bullet penetrated into his body and he fell down. Gunboat, who happens to be his bodyguard, also received a bullet and two of them died. The Nigeria Army then called the F-SARS to come for his dead body and when F-SARS got there, they discovered that someone had cut off their heads.


One of the boys said he can no longer stay in the forest with them because Police would be after them since their leader was dead. On Thursday night of the Holy Ghost Congress, I knew people were praying for me. At about 1am, I said, “God, if truly Pastor E.A Adeboye is your servant and he doesn’t add anything with you, let your oil upon his head fight till I’m released and the angel of God in charge of him delivered me. By tomorrow I want to be in my house.’’


God answered my prayer. On Friday morning, I was led to the main road by the remaining five gang members. I preached the gospel to them and I have a conviction in my heart that two of them genuinely gave their lives to Christ.  I told them that God can make them useful again and become someone great in Life. Because of the way my eyes were tied for four days, I could not see for some hours but the boys compelled me to open my eyes.


After they led me to the road, one of the two boys gave me N500 to take a motorcycle (bike) to the airport and find my way from there. After my release, the CGO, PICP and regional Pastor all prayed for me that the Lord who brought me out untouched would bring my car.


About two hours after the prayers, I received a call that someone wanted to sell my car but he would delay him until I come. I immediately called F-SARS and they followed me to the Police station. I saw my car in front of the station and I saw the man. He said he saw my Pastoral identity card in the car and suspected that the car was not his father’s own as he claimed. Two of the gang members were arrested while two escaped.



Assistant Pastor Ayanbiyi Amos Olusola

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