Purity: The Father’s cry

December 9, 2019
God will prefer to use the RESPONSIBLE UNBELIEVER He has changed than an IRRESPONSIBLE BELIEVER

Defile not your temple
Be careful of wrong association
Defile not your temple
Don’t be careless with your life, body and mouth

The Lord is looking for men to anoint with generational mantle
He will never anoint the irresponsible or undisciplined vessel

Carry your vessel with dignity
You can’t play around fire and not get burnt
Don’t play around sin
Sin will sting you and sink you until you begin to stink

God is counting on you
Don’t miss this precious opportunity of the father
Purity: This is the cry of the father

Purity of heart, thoughts, actions, words and intentions. All round purity.

God will never bypass the responsible to use the available
God will prefer to use the RESPONSIBLE UNBELIEVER He has changed than an IRRESPONSIBLE BELIEVER (Don’t be confused, God doesn’t manage vessels, if there is no responsible believer in a territory and God needs a man, He will reach out to a responsible unbeliever and change him so he can be used, He raise Cyrus, HE PICK A RESPONSIBLE SAUL, CHANGE HIM TO PAUL AND USE HIM MORE THAN ALL.

Availability is good but responsibility is better.
You can’t be rising and falling daily and repenting always and think God will count you serious
When will you overcome the flesh?

God is looking for responsible men
Be responsible
Responsible in words
Responsible in actions
Responsible in prayers, study, worship
Responsible in purity
Responsible in keeping your body
Responsible in service
Responsible in intercession
Responsible in diligence and discipline
Responsible in faithfulness
Responsible in faithfulness in another man‘s business and that which is small
Responsible in how you manage opportunities and relationships
Responsible in how you respond to God’s promptings
Responsible in how accountable you are and how you submit to authority
Responsible in genuineness of your heart
Responsible in prompt obedience
Responsible in all area.

Availability is key but responsibility is the master key

Don’t play lottery with your destiny else you end in mockery

It takes HARDNESS on oneself now to escape HARDSHIP later in Life
Be careful today, tomorrow and forever

I see a burning generation

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