April 30, 2020
School in the air was organized by Christ Redeemer's School Movement (CRSM) to keep students abreast with their academics during the lockdown as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.  Bukonla Akin-Egbedeyi had a chat with the initiator, Pastor Antoinette Omo-Osagie.

Question: Kindly tell us a little about yourself ma?

Answer: Am Antoinette Omo-Osagie, I’m a pastor in the REDEEMED CHRISTIAN  CHURCH  OF  GOD,  and the PRINCIPAL of CHRIST  THE REDEEMER’S  COLLEGE,  CHRISTHILL, SAGAMU. I am an educator with over 30 years work experience. My area of specialization is CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT in particular KINGDOM EDUCATION.

Question: Tell us a bit about CRSM activities?

Answer: CRSM, is the arm of the mission that caters to the education of children in formal schools. The CRSM has over 300 Nursery, Primary, and Secondary schools across the entire country. All these schools are as diverse as our nation’s people.

CRSM serves as a Quality Control and Standards body for all the schools. We run trainings for teachers and heads of schools, Board of Governors  etc. The Planning and execution of the Redeemer’s  Day both Regional and National is a key activity of the CRSM.

Question: What is school in the air and how did it come to be?

Answer: SCHOOL IN THE AIR – When the lockdown began 5 weeks ago Daddy Lawal called me and asked what we were doing for our children in CRSM schools. At the time there was no coordinated effort as various schools were doing something for themselves.  This got me thinking; how can we reach out to schools in as diverse an environment as Koma hills to the far North of the nation. So School in the Air was conceived and born, to meet the urgent needs of this season.

Questions: Who are the target audience?

Answer: Our target audience of course, are the students in our over 40 secondary schools  all over the nation. Since it is on Dove TV  it is certain  that many more students of that age group 11 to 17, will avail themselves  of the opportunity,  particularly  because Dove is on the free to air decoder.

Question: What is the awareness level amongst parents and students?

Answer: To ensure widespread awareness, our Mother, Mummy GO learnt her voice and person to the project.

Question: What has been the response of the students?

Answer: Student response has been encouraging. Most are using the given portals to respond and send in their comments.



Question: So far, what is the effect of school in the air on the students?

Answer: We won’t be able to quantify the total effect of this on the students. When we resume, then we can take stock.

Question: With the lockdown in place, how did you get the teachers?

Answer: We have a secondary school in camp whose teachers mostly live in camp. We used the teachers of Redeemer’s High School. The Principal, Pastor Adelugba and his Vice Principal, Pastor Oladele-Onitiju were very helpful.

Question: Apart from Dove, is there any online medium through which the students are taught?

Answer: Like I said earlier. Most of our schools already had some online activities ongoing in their schools.

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