June 6, 2019

I want to talk about some of the various ways in which we praise God. Get ready to dance your way throughout today! You won’t die before your time. (Amen)


SING: Psalm 89:1 says, ‘’I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.’’ When you want to praise Him, learn to sing. He wants to hear you sing. If the Almighty God in His infinite mercy did not make you dumb, learn to sing.


CLAP: Psalm 47:1 says, ‘’Clap your hands, all ye people…’’ Nobody is left out. The Bible says that trees, because they can’t speak like you, clap their hands. This means that if you refuse to clap for the Almighty God, trees will clap their hands. The Bible says that the floods and waves of the sea clap their hands; when you see them rise and fall.  When you clap your hands for God, you are telling Him “I will cooperate with You.”  Clap your hands for the Almighty God if you will cooperate with Him.


SHOUT: Many don’t know why we shout. They don’t see the reason behind shouting. Some think shouting is irritating but I will explain. There are various reasons why shouting is a form of praise. It’s one of the ways of telling God, “You are my Champion!” When your team has scored a goal in a soccer match, the way you rejoice with them is by shouting and hailing them. The Bible says in Psalm 100:1, ‘’Make a joyful noise unto the Lord …’’ So go ahead and shout now.


There is a song that says, Clap your hands all ye people and shout unto God with the loud voice of triumph.  Another one says; What the Lord has done for me, I cannot tell it all; He saved me and washed me in His Blood.


DANCE: Another way we praise God is by dancing. When you dance, you are telling God “You are my owner!” When a dog sees his owner arrive from a journey, he dances. When you dance, you cause the Almighty God to look down from heaven and say, “Even if I don’t have any other fellow, I have this one.”

Some of us find it difficult to dance because of our position as dignified people in life but when you read 2 Samuel 6:14-22 the Bible says, David danced with all his might. The giant killer who was already a king danced with the same might that he used to kill a lion.


The worst thing that can happen to a man is to become an ex-champion, ex-captain or ex-leader. There is a way you can be the head or be above only forever; it is by letting God know that He is your owner, He made you and wherever you are is by His grace. There is only one way to show Him and that is by dancing.


RAISE YOUR HANDS TO HIM: When you raise your hands to God, you are saying to Him, “I surrender all.” One thing about boxing is that, you cannot know the strength of your opponent until you fight. Strength is something inside you. So before the fight, you will boast and your opponent too will boast “I will kill him! I will knock him out within two rounds!” but when you get in the ring and the first blow that lands on you hit you like a hammer; by the time you get to the third round, something tells you, “You’re about to die!‘’ This man is about to kill you” and you’ll say, “No-no! Don’t kill me! If I run today I will fight tomorrow” then you will raise up your two hands. The moment you lift your two hands, he must not beat you again.


The reason the devil is still beating some people is that they are yet to surrender to the Almighty God. The moment you lift your hands in surrender to the Almighty God; no more blows from that moment! Lift your hand and just wave it to the Almighty and say, “Lord, I surrender to You, I surrender to the Lord of Hosts, I surrender to the One who has never lost a battle, I surrender to You Lord.”


WHEN YOU KNEEL AND PROSTRATE: This is another way we can show God that we want to praise Him. Everybody, at least in Africa, knows that when you want to tell somebody that you regard him as being superior to you and you want to greet that fellow, you either kneel or prostrate just to show that you agree to his/her supremacy.


In Revelations 4:9-11, the Bible tells us that the 24 elders surrounding the throne of God prostrate on their faces from time to time before the Almighty God. When the Wise Men came to see the Lord Jesus Christ, immediately they saw Him, they fell on their faces, before they thought of giving Him any gift. They said, King, we know who You are. You are the Maker of heaven and earth, superior to all of us.”


WORSHIP AND TELL HIM WHO HE IS: One of the best ways of praising God is by worshipping and telling Him who He is. There is something that made David special according to Psalm 18:1-2. David said “…I will love thee O Lord my strength. The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength in whom I will trust; my buckler and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.” He just kept on telling God, “Look, you are my strength, my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my God, my trust, my high tower!”


When you go to the One who has all the wealth in the world, the One who has all the power, the One who does not have to borrow and you say, “You are the Almighty God, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, You are the I AM that I AM, the Ancient of Days, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the One who can do and undo. You are the One who opened the Red Sea, the One who pulled down the Wall of Jericho, the One who spoke and there was light” the Almighty God will say “What can I do for you today?”


In 2 Kings 3:9-18, the Bible tells us of some things that happened. Three Kings were going to battle and on their way; they discovered that they had run out of water. So they decided to visit a prophet of God. When Elisha saw them, he asked them why they were there. They said, “We want direction from God” and he was angry because one of the kings was an idol worshipper. He said, “You need prophecy? Then go to the prophets of your father’s idols!”


Elisha was a very powerful man but he didn’t know how powerful he was until when some children said, “Bald-headed man, get up from there!” and he turned around and cursed them in the name of the Lord. As soon as he spoke, two she-bears came out and tore 42 of those children! The power in him was mighty and the moment God saw that this man was angry again, He withdrew the power otherwise; he would have killed the three kings and their armies. When his anger had subsided, he realised that the Spirit of God was gone and he couldn’t prophesy. He said, “Bring me a minstrel because when God is far away. I know how to bring Him near.” So they brought him a minstrel and while the minstrel was playing, the Spirit came back.


Go ahead and worship the Lord. If you have not given your life to Jesus, your worship will not be acceptable. Surrender your life to Him now.


God calls the sacrifice of the wicked, an abomination. This means that if you are not born again and you say you want to offer God a sacrifice, you are wasting your time. If you are living in sin and you say you want to praise God you are wasting your time. You cannot be a harlot and begin to shout Halleluiah! Halleluiah to who? You cannot be a robber and say you want to praise God, praise God for what?

If you are already born again, and your relationship with Him is not good enough, rededicate yourself to Him, get back into a correct relationship with God. If you have not surrendered your life to Him at all, you can do so today, right now. If you give your life to Jesus Christ, He will save your soul and clean up your life with His blood. You will become one of His own.

Give your life to Him today, ask God to save your soul, ask Him to forgive you your sins, ask Him to be your Lord and Saviour, promise Him you will serve Him for the rest of your life.

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