December 9, 2019
The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life: and he that winneth souls is wise Proverbs 11:30

In the previous write-up, we promised to dig deep into strategic evangelism as warfare. However, before delving into it, there is a frightening revelation that no true child of God should wave off. It goes thus: 70 MILLION HINDUS GATHER ANNUALLY IN INDIA TO HONOUR, WORSHIP AND CELEBRATE THEIR god! When last did Christians anywhere in the world (especially Nigeria) have up to 20 million brethren assemble to honour, worship and celebrate the Almighty God, who is higher than the highest? This is a food for thought even as 2019 gradually winds up.

On Strategic Evangelism for Church Growth, seven points shall be noted.
1. While evangelism of last Saturday is general for all wise Christians, the others before it should be strategically shared among the fundamental departments in the Church. For example, youths can evangelize on first Saturday, while men take the second and women the third. With the foregoing, every Saturday is occupied by different natural groups. The advantages of this approach are numerous.

2. While tracts are normally taken out, it is equally important, that handbills too be distributed to the public. Experience has shown that some outsiders will attend our churches on the strength of our forthcoming programmes. For example, a man came to church because the handbills say special prayers are slated for FIRSTBORNS; of which he is one. He eventually gave his life to Christ. It is a verified hypothesis, that handbills can attract outsiders to church, thereby leading to the salvation of souls.

3. Besides tracts and handbills, it is strategic to take writing materials along. Again, experience has shown that more often than not, there is need to document details of outsiders. This boosts invitation, follow-up and visitation thereafter.

4. Speaking in tongues while going out at the point of evangelical convergence and return trip is a high-level strategy, to further confound the kingdom of Satan. Space will not permit here, to expound the innumerable advantages of this method. Suffice to say it is proven.

5. Should all who came for evangelism go out? My candid answer is no. Though harvest truly is plenteous, but labourers are few (Matt. 9:37). All the same, the retainership of two SERIOUS workers to pray aggressively, while others are on the field is strategic. In warfare, not all combatants go out. There must be no “leakage” at the home front. The “control room” must not be empty. It is Biblical (LK. 9:1-2, 10:1, 17; Acts 14:27, 15:12). The two militant workers retained in the church are equally engaged in battle (though back-up). That is tarrying before God in ferocious and violent prayers of fire and thunder till those on the field return without any casualty.

6. A situation where people go home from the evangelical spot or crusade ground is certainly not the best. It is excellent to return to church and give thanks to God and rejoice for many reasons including Luke 10:20.

7. Olangbin was an evangelical excursion into an abandoned settlement. It was a Christ-like attempt at taking the RCCG into the innermost bush. Though with hazards, yet it ended well (Acts 15:26). Though a story for another day, the lesson remains that perishing souls must be rescued at all costs from the kingdom of darkness into the marvelous light of Jesus Christ. After all, the Bible says “But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full-proof of thy ministry” (II Tim. 4:5).

Expectedly, it is highly expedient to end this write-up with the sagacious words of our coach, mentor, leader and father, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, which says “Let us therefore run with the message of the gospel into every part of the world; reminding everyone that those who are not on the Lord’s side on the last day will be eternally destroyed. Let us do the work of an evangelist, and go after those people who have strayed from the straight and narrow way. Let us bring back those sheep which are carelessly grazing on other fields, away from the presence of their Shepherd”.
Daddy Adeboye, added as follows, “Soul-winning is paramount in the heart of Jesus and God will be pleased with those who win souls and also answer their prayers”.

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