August 6, 2019

One unique feature of the ministration of Pastor E.A. Adeboye, our Daddy G.O. is the manifestation of the gift of he word of knowledge about which Saint Paul writes in 1 Corinthians chapter 12 verse 8. The word of knowledge is given to an anointed individual of the Lord for the edification of the body of Christ, to strengthen the faith of people, to comfort, assure and counsel believers.

This gift of knowledge was delivered to Daddy G.O. as part of the package of blessings which accompanies the holding of the Holy Ghost services. During the early days of the Holy Ghost services at the First Auditorium of the Redemption Camp, the manifestation of the Gift of the word of knowledge came between the two sessions of the programme. Wise people often made sure that they did not miss that important component of the Holy Ghost service. During the hour, words of knowledge would pour out for the benefit of everyone. Later, as the programme was promoted to the other auditoriums, the words of knowledge began to come intermittently during the services. Today, the word of knowledge may even come before the message is given or may interrupt the message. As the word of knowledge comes, Daddy G.O. would stop his message and announce that the Lord says to someone “My Glory will come; looking for me” or “you will never weep again”. There have been occasions when Daddy says, “Let me first say Amen before I tell you that there is someone here, the Lord says I should tell you, ‘very soon a miracle is coming that make you say Ahhhh’ or ‘People that you have helped will begin to come back to bless you’ or ‘Where you have failed, your children will succeed’. If you are that person let me hear you shout Hallelujah”. As Daddy warns, you are not to doze or sleep off to make sure that you catch your own word at the appropriate time. For as he explains, if the word has gone away and you suddenly wake up and ask your neighbour what had been said, you have missed it!

Testimonies abound from those who have been touched positively and decisively by the word of knowledge. Until the Lord led me to the Holy Ghost services which then held at the First Auditorium I had never been exposed to the word of knowledge.

As I waited, reluctantly patiently, for my own word of knowledge to arrive, I listened to testimonies that had been impacted by the word of knowledge and believed that mine would one day arrive. I was tired of working at the University of Ibadan where over the years salaries were very poor as it appeared that the military wanted to silence us to a life of poverty as if to tell us that we had made a wrong choice by offering to be part of cultivating the new generation with skills, aptitude and values required for the nation. Finally I decided to apply for the position of Director of the UNESCO Institute of Education in Hamburg, Germany and I needed Divine intervention to gone through all the tedious processes of being nominated by government, approved by the Minister of Education, identified as candidate at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, short- listed for interview and so on. It was therefore obvious that only the Lord could help someone from the upcountry with no advantages of powerful contacts, connections, and no initial advantages of birth or affluence. So I needed the word of God about the situation.

I decided to attend the August 1998 Convention of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. I knew that I would be fascinated by the usual entertaining Ewi session during which Daddy G.O would be fully dressed in white traditional dress and render the Yoruba Ewi which was really a session of praise, prophetic declarations and prayers. The following day would be the Holy Ghost service and thus of the word of knowledge. Then on that fateful occasion, I arrived early to the Camp and packed my car in front of the office of the Camp Manager, spending time to roam the wander around the old office of the G.O. Before I returned, the tire of the car had been punctured because I had packed in a NO PARKING slot which I did not immediately see on my arrival. I thought of leaving the Camp and returning to Ibadan to end what I considered the indignity and frustrations. But I changed my mind, or better still the Holy Spirit took over control and I decided to invite the vulcaniser to change the tyres. I then moved into a safe packing slot and joined the praise worship session, waiting for the ministration of Daddy G.O. The baritone voice eventually emerged with Let somebody shout Hallelujah, praise Him, praise the Lord of lords. It was not too long before the word of God arrived during the ministration. Daddy announced that there was someone who was in the congregation to whom the Lord says: “You are asking for a river but the Lord says that He will give you an ocean.” I claimed the prophesy. But I said to myself that the river in form of the job in Hamburg was enough for me and that the ocean should wait because I was desperate to get out of the country.

It was also the year of the Lekki 1998. I joined the intercessors group before the Lekki programme. I trusted the Lord that my session had arrived and I keyed into the words of knowledge. Miraculously my name was forwarded to the Director General of UNESCO by the Federal Ministry of Education with the endorsement of the Federal Government of Nigeria for consideration for the position of the Director of the UNESCO Institute for Education in Hamburg. That was the first and perhaps the most crucial step required for the attainment of my desire. After this victory I was confident that my appointment was secure and that it was going to be just a question of time. During the Lekki 98 I was whispering to myself that my subsequent visit to Nigeria would be from Germany. Later in the New Year, 1999, I was invited to serve on an advisory committee in Ethiopia on the establishment of some women programme in Africa. When I met the gentleman who came from UNESCO in Paris, I shared with him my conviction that I would soon be in Hamburg. He was very pleased and told me that he himself would be in Hamburg later in the year and told me that he had just been appointed to the position that I trusted the Lord for appointment. My spirit was broken. I left for my hotel room wondering if the Lord loved me enough to give me the position that I wanted and asking whether the words of knowledge from Daddy G. O. applied to everyone.

In the meantime a new Administration had been set up with President Olusegun Obasanjo as President and Professor Tunde Adeniran as the Honourable Minister of Education. In rapid succession, my Non-Governmental Organisation, the University Village Association had won the Honourable Mention of a UNESCO Literacy Prize and I had been invited to Abuja to meet the President and the visiting Director General of UNESCO to receive the award. A few days later I was nominated to serve as Nigeria’s Ambassador/Permanent Delegate to UNESCO. Before the year ended I had received the formal letter to proceed to UNESCO in Paris to resume my position. The river that I wanted in Hamburg had been translated to the ocean in Paris where I represented my country among 189 countries of the world. I have continued to listen to words of knowledge and identify those that apply to them, claiming them with confidence that the Almighty God that had done the miracle from the Lekki 98 days remains the God Lord of the universe and heaven, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray that the Almighty God of Israel will release us wonderful words of knowledge this season: and God said – YES- in Jesus name.

By Michael Omolewa
Emeritus Professor, University of Ibadan

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