The Multipliers

October 15, 2018
We need to multiply success, kindness, the love of Jesus, the way of salvation and everything that is positive and within our reach in order to transform our society and be a blessing to others. Are you a Multiplier?

Some years ago, I decided to further my education at one of the Universities in Nigeria that I was not familiar with; but I had a friend who gained admission into the school a year before me who qualified as my forerunner. One of the things I cannot easily forget about my friend is that she helped to increase my drive and thirst for further education.
Many times when the two of us had cause to discuss before I gained admission into the school, she would tell me about the school system, life in the hostel and everything I needed to do during my registration to make life easy for me and how to gain an upper hand over other students in my academics. She already took me to the four walls of the school even when I was not in the school premises.
To me, my friend is a multiplier because of all that she did for me before I became a student in that school. This is because, when I finally gained admission into the school, I followed all what she told me and my registration was stress free, I got a good place in the hostel and I had a wonderful stay while on campus just because someone decided to show me the way.
Multipliers are selfless individuals who sacrifice a lot to make sure that others are comfortable, promoted, enlightened, uplifted and shown the way, irrespective of the cost or price they had to pay. They go miles and places to ensure that they place others high and pave ways for them where and when necessary. They give up many things to make sure that others are put on the right path.
Multipliers are focused because they do not have time to be laid back in any form. Since they are always on the move to better the lots of others or bring about a positive change anywhere they are, they do not have time for frivolities. They know why they are in a place per time and they work towards achieving their goals. If they are set to take over a territory, they put in everything they have to make sure that what they intend to achieve see the light of the day.
When David needed water, his men who are multipliers went all out to get it for him; they broke through the camp of the enemy to make sure that he got what he wanted. They were men who never took, ‘No’ for an answer.
Another beautiful thing about multipliers is that they always give a push and never pull down into the pit. They work at it to make sure that another person moves to the next level. For them, they are never content with stagnancy in any form as mediocrity is a no go area for them; they keep pushing until that individual climbs the ladder of success.
It takes a conscious effort to be a multiplier in our present world where we hear things like, ‘Everyman for himself, God for us all’ ‘it is when my lot is better that I can remember another person.’ That is a misnomer; life becomes more meaningful when we light our torch for another person to see the way!
You know what? It may just be a piece of information that another person needs to move to the next stage in life. A piece of information about a job opening or skill acquisition training may be what another person needs to get out of despondency.
As young people, it is not enough for us to continue to live in the dream land, where we feel everything will be at our beck and call. It is time to go all out to do something of eternal value in the lives of others; touch others and give life a meaning. We need to multiply success, kindness, the love of Jesus, the way of salvation and everything that is positive and within our reach in order to transform our society and be a blessing to others. Are you a Multiplier?

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