October 31, 2019
The world, a cause, movement, a wonderful idea or invention will get nowhere without the right leadership.

Men will suffer and have always suffered without godly leadership. There is no leadership without vision and commitment to the vision.

There are many occupying the position of leadership that are not leaders at all. What a tragedy!

God is still looking for visionary leaders who are spiritual servants and transformational in the power of the Holy Spirit. There are no spiritual leaders except those called and led by God, Himself.

‘God looks for men and women who are biblically committed to cast vision, set goals, mobilise the Body of Christ, and overcome obstacles in order to reach the nations for Christ.’ According to ILI National Conference there are eight Core Values of Christian Leadership, 2001 p.45. These are the requirements that form the non – negotiable traits of visionary leaders.

The need for visionary leaders cannot be over emphasized as everything rises and falls on leadership. According to John Maxwell, ‘Leaders can make or break an organisation.’ Leaders can advance or destroy a cause and leaders empower or stagnate a movement.

Definition of Leadership

Our working definition is the one taken from J. Oswald Sanders and popularized by John Maxwell, which simply says ‘Leadership is Influence.’ This leadership also has a biblical triangle described below: (ILI National Conference 2.0, pp 45-46)

Spiritual Leadership is biblical leadership which is spiritual in nature, originates from God and centers on God. – Exodus 3:4, (the call of Moses)

Servant Leadership is biblical leadership focused on others and oriented toward service. Jesus is of course the supreme model and example of true servant leadership.

Transformational leadership is biblical leadership aimed at meaningful change. The leaders change themselves, their followers and their world.

This spiritual leadership according to J. Oswald Sander, ‘influences others not by his own power but by the power of the Holy Spirit also bestowed’

It is leadership that originates from God, exercised with the authority of God, empowered by the gifts of God and reflects the character of God. It is completely different from natural leadership which is exercised only in man, by man and for man alone.

Just as the animator animates his creature so does God make and empower the Spiritual and Visionary Leader. (Leroy Eims, p.4, 1981)

George Barna pp, 13, 26-27, 2009, defines vision as, “a clear mental image of a preferable future imparted by God to His chosen servants and is based upon an accurate understanding of God, self and circumstances.” Therefore, visionary leadership by this definition is then broken down into four more detailed components: A clear mental image; a preferable future; a future focus; and, an impartation by God.

To the leader, his vision most importantly is imparted by God. To be a visionary leader of the Lord, by the Lord and for the Lord, the visionary leader knows the Lord, knows himself/herself and understands the needs, opportunities and barriers around his leadership call and expectations.

‘Without visionary leaders who are spiritual, servant and transformational, the needs of God and man cannot be met.’


There is a great need to re-examine if you are on the path of biblical leadership which is spiritual in nature, originates from God and centers on God.’

There is a need for leadership reawakening focused on others and re-oriented towards service. It is the Holy Spirit that can transform any man into a biblical leader that is changed and can therefore change the world for Christ.

The challenge is for all leaders to submit fully to God and be the leaders God is looking for.

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