January 2, 2020
You are welcome to 2020, 2020:God will do the unthinkable and the opening year into a new decade.

From all indications, 2020 is significant for personal, family, and national encounters. We recall the theme of the January Holy Ghost Congress 2019, The Great Turnaround which God used to give us insight into the new year and we hold tightly to the many prophetic declarations of a new lease of life for God’s children.

To further reveal the thought of God towards His children in the new year, He gave our daddy, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the theme: The Battle is not yours for the cross over service. We have this assurance that this is a year of Divine assistance, when God will do the unthinkable on our behalf.

As we welcome you to 2020, it is instructive to note that the January Holy Ghost Service has the same declaration with which God turned the situation on earth around in the beginning, Let there be Light.

We trust God to make 2020 not just the year when the enemy will suffer confusion, but a year for a complete turnaround for our lives, our families and for our nations.

On the sermon page in this edition, Pastor E.A. Adeboye writes on Sounds from Heaven. In the piece, he recalled that the first time there was a sound in heaven, the very first time in the history of man that God spoke; what He said was, let there be light. It’s a sermon you must not miss. Our other life-enhancing articles, teachings and write-ups are served fresh to bless you.

Happy new year.

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