January 4, 2019

Habakkuk received more than a vision when he set out to see what God had in stock for him. Apart from receiving the vision, God gave Habakkuk the key to fulfill the vision. “…Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” Habakkuk 2:2. The only way to make a vision plain is to set goals that will help you to achieve the vision.

Generally, everybody sets goals especially through what is known as “New Year Resolutions.” However, most New Year resolutions are driven by a simple desire to stop some negative attitudes e.g. “In this new year, I will not tell lies” “In this new year I will not procrastinate.” These habits formed over the years cannot be stopped by a mere resolution on New Year eve.

There are foundations that need to be replaced and structures that need to be erected to power the resolutions made. For example, the resolution “In this new year, I will not procrastinate” should be built on the self awareness that the individual procrastinates. Such an individual should read materials that enhance action and get things done. Such books like EAT THE FROG by Brian Tracy, GETTING THINGS DONE by David Allen and BILLIONAIRE GOES TO SCHOOL by Wale Adeduro are recommended resources.

People do not set realistic goals because they are not realistic. Remember, nothing works until you work on it. Even faith requires work. James 2:20. This is why you must write down your vision and back it up with goals and plans. If your goals are to meet the requirement of being time bound then you must create time and schedules to implement them.
The following are some of the reasons why people do not set realistic goals:
1. People do not have a self awareness of themselves: You need authenticity by knowing yourself well and being aware of your inner states. God had to first get Gideon to understand himself before the latter could be used (Judges 6:12). When you do not understand yourself, your strengths, talents, and abilities you cannot set realistic goals.
2. People do not clarify their vision: Goals are building blocks for the attainment of a vision. If you do not have a 5 to 10 year vision you cannot effectively set realistic goals for a year. Jesus kept pointing the disciples to the future “in my father’s house.”
3. Laziness: Setting goals demands hard work. It is a strategic exercise that involves a lot of thinking, analysis and permutations. It is like what Military Generals do in the war room. It is also akin to what a football coach and his crew do before a football match. In Luke 14:28 Jesus taught us about the need to sit down and count the cost upfront. To set realistic goals requires sitting down first.
4. Illogical Assumption: If I intend to increase my rental income by 100% this year, my goal is unrealistic. I first need to understand the prevailing rent in my environment and take cognizance of the unique selling point of my property. I may need to enhance the functionality and aesthetic value of the property. David could not have reigned as king in Israel without first defeating Goliath and understanding the protocol of the palace by wise behaviour (1 Samuel 18:5,14,15 and 30).
5. Lack of Enablers: Strategic partnership enhances goal attainment. Who are the strategic people you have identified and enlisted to help in the pursuit of your goals? You need models, mentors and minders who will help you refine and process the realization of your goals. God is the greatest enabler and prayer is the best route to enlist the help of God (Isaiah 41:13). Vain is the help of man (Psalm 60:11).
6. Poor Resource Allocation: Every goal requires resources for its realization. You must deploy 80% of your time and resources to your most valued goal at all times. You cannot embark on family vacation abroad for the fun of it if you have a goal that requires more money for investment or academic purpose.
7. Lack of Passion and Commitment: If you want the zeal of the Lord to perform His word in your life (Isaiah 9:7) you must allow the zeal for His house to consume you (Psalm 69:9). Passion for soul winning unlocks God’s power to fulfill your goals. Passion produces performance energy. If you do not have passion, your commitment will drop when you are confronted with obstacles. Opposition is surmounted when you are passionate about your vision and goal.

Write out THREE THINGS you must achieve in 2019 that will significantly boost your vision in the next five years. These should be with respect to Spiritual goals, Family goals, Financial goals, Health goals, Social goals, Academic/Professional goals and Career/Business goals.


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